Kowree is an innovative technology company with a mission of connecting people, and while doing so save them money and help them make money. We offer advanced, but simple to use services that can be used by anyone anywhere.

Four billion people are still offline today, 800 million people are illiterate, and 285 million people are visually impaired. Reaching people in these circumstances is a daunting task, communicating with them is even more impossible, yet talking to them is crucial at times, to relay information on health programs, inform them of opportunities, warn them for natural disasters, or to get feedback on the implementation of large aid projects, or on the homework of their children.

With a fast growing use of cellphones in these countries (90% and rising) Kowree sees an opportunity to bridge the online and offline worlds, by offering innovative solutions at low costs to further communication and development. Solutions that would allow people to communicate in any language of their choice, addressing another critical issue in reaching people.


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Why Kowree

Kowree was formed to help people who are at risk of being left behind by the digital revolution become of an integral part of the revolution without having to wait until have smart phones, laptop or tablets.

Kowree is built on ideas to solve problems that are often not even seen as problems in the connected part of the world. Cost, for example, is a big factor in any service rolled out in places in the world where people often have to choose between spending money on their phones or on their food. Language is another focus point of Kowree as we develop services, allowing people to communicate in their own language and via our tools access translators and translations in a wide range of languages.

At Kowree we develop solutions that build on existing infrastructures in innovative new ways, minimizing costs for the users, while providing them with tools they can use to enhance their lives and livelihoods. In building our solutions we put a strong emphasis on ease of use and accessibility. We believe that getting our solutions in the hands of the people is crucial, and to do so we decided to provide them with tools they can use and love to use.

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Ozed Oseghale



Kunle Badmus





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